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Cheer Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of cheerleading with an emphasis on FUN! Start at the very beginning learning the basics by playing games and having fun. Learn and practice simple motions, jumps, stunts, and basic cheer-dance choreography. Move into learning the proper way to do jumps, based on individual progress. Come learn a fun sport, gain self- confidence, leadership, and have fun!

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Competitive Teams

Half Year Cheer

This program is a FANTASTIC way to get the physical, social and character building benefits of All Star Cheerleading with less commitment, travel and cost than our full year All Star, teams. These cheerleaders will participate in the All Star Prep division at competitions and will not be combined with teams who have been together all-season or practice several more hours a week. The routine is only 2 minutes long (versus the average 2 and 1/2 minute routine in standard all-star routines) and does have some scoring differences. All competitions will be located in the state of Delaware. This is a great option for pop warner cheerleaders or anyone looking to do something for part of the year!

Non-Travel Cheer

This program is great for our little athletes with little to no experience. Our tiny team practices once a week for an hour and a half. These athletes will compete at 5 local competitions. The athletes on this team will not only learn cheer, but they will also meet new friends along the way!

Full Travel Cheerleading

These teams will compete at between 8-10 competitions located both in and out of state. These teams practice twice a week for 2-2 1/2 hours and will also have “team tumble” times offered that are included in your tuition.

Limited Travel Cheer

Limited Travel teams are a great chance for athletes to be able to get a taste of the All-Star Cheerleading world, without the commitment of an elite all-star team. The teams will learn and work on the skills as our elite traveling competitive teams and allow your athlete to get a feel for whether all-star cheerleading is “for them”! At a lower commitment and price-point, participating in our Competitive Limited Travel program will give your athlete the opportunity to learn and grow as an All Star Cheerleader and compete semi locally, all while learning the importance of team work in a fun, exciting environment!

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